Bricklayer 500 Seattle Regional

Thank you to everyone who came out to help, support, volunteer, and participate in the regional qualifier round. The event was held on September 14th at the WWMT Training Center. Congratulations to bricklayer David Wernette (Joshua Carey tended) for taking first place and heading to Las Vegas in January for the national championship.

Competitors were:

- Bricklayer: Eric Kent / Tender: Brandon Honald (Representing R&D Masonry)
- Bricklayer: Ben Griffen / Tender: Paul Cook (Representing Keystone Masonry)
- Bricklayer:  Brenden Evans / Tender: Phil Evans (Representing R&D Masonry)
- Bricklayer: David Wernette / Tender: Joshua Carey (Representing R&D Masonry)
- Bricklayer: Mike Fuller / Tender: Thea Phoun (Representing Keystone Masonry)

More information can be found on the Spec Mix Site HERE

Photos can be found on our website HERE