Apprenticeship Report

Saturday September 8th marked the start of this year’s training with an apprenticeship orientation. A large turnout of the men and women enrolled in the program gave a look into the strength and future growth of our trade.

Coordinator Lowell Glodowski kicked off the seminar with an overview of the new structure and classes being offered. Local field staff Jesse Sanden and Cordell Fischer gave an overview and answered questions on how the union works. Then Tonia Sorrell-Neal with the International Masonry Institute (IMI) and the Masonry Institute of Washington (MIW) wrapped it up with the plan for marketing, promotion, and recruitment.

Apprentices who attended were excited by free swag and information on contests and prizes that will be done throughout the school year. Thank you to everyone who attended, spoke, and helped out. You made this year of training get off to a great start.