Strike FAQs

What does it mean if we go on strike June 1?

                It means that as a Union member, you will refuse to provide your labor to any contractors that have not agreed on terms for a successor agreement. Please refer to our “Continue to Work” article for more details.

Every BAC Union member will not be going to work?

                No, BAC Local 1 WA/AK has multiple different contracts and are signatory to many project labor Agreements. Please read the article “Continue to Work” to see if you are supposed to continue to work on June 1st.

Is a strike the same as a picket?

                No, a strike is when our members refuse to provide their labor and stay home whereas a picket is when workers assemble outside of a job site. Picket lines will be organized by the Union Hall and if you would like to volunteer please show up to the hall on Monday May 31st at 6:00pm.

Will we be paid when we are on strike?

                Your employer has no obligation to pay your wages or benefits when on strike. We understand many members live paycheck to paycheck and to help members who have to forgo their regular earnings we have set up a strike fund to pay a $150 stipend per day to members who show up to designated locations.

If we are losing out on pay, what about the representatives at the hall?

                We are in this with you, and the Local Union Officers will forgo their pay and benefits for as long as the strike lasts. During this time we will continue to negotiate and work to try and come to agreement with the contractors.

When will I receive my strike fund stipend?

                Similar to a paycheck, a physical check will be mailed to your address on record the following week.