COVID-19 Resources And Response

Many members are concerned about what is going on during this Stay Home order, what benefits are available, and what they should be doing as an individual to stay safe. Below are links to various letters and resources that may be helpful at this time:

WA Building Trades memo on liability waivers: CLICK HERE

Updated Health Guidance from CPWR: CLICK HERE

To report a jobsite or business not in compliance with the Stay-At Home order: CLICK HERE

March 23rd Governor Inslee Proclamation: CLICK HERE

March 24th letter to members: CLICK HERE

March 25th letter to contractors: CLICK HERE

March 25th Construction Memorandum: CLICK HERE

WA Building Trades UI and CARES act info: CLICK HERE

OSHA guidlines to preparing workplaces for COVID-19: CLICK HERE

WA Dept of Health guidlines: CLICK HERE

WA emergency unemployment guidelines: CLICK HERE

Federal Families First Act: CLICK HERE

This list may be updated from time to time, and IUBAC Member Assistance Program is still answering calls